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Utilising the positive effects of Sulforaphane, ProCell’s natural pro-oxidants trigger the body’s defence system, a process that efficiently releases natural antioxidants to ensure optimal cell health and ongoing vitality.


The process in preparation

First we select premium 100% New Zealand grown broccoli sprouts. We then mill and freeze-dry these sprouts to maximise the taste, quality and overall health benefits. There’s no icky chemicals or radiation here.

The unique phytonutrients contained in broccoli sprouts support activation of the body’s natural cellular detoxification processes and antioxidant defences. This process all comes down to the unique power within Sulforaphane.


The strength of Sulforaphane

Sulforaphane is a very potent free-radical quencher. It exerts a pro-oxidant effect that powers up the body’s anti-oxidant system. 

Sulforaphane promotes the creation of the antioxidant molecule Glutathione. This results in what has been described as like an ‘antioxidant bath’ within the cell, helping to reduce the effects of oxidative stress. Studies have revealed that this compound, when broken down to its active form of Sulforaphane, acts as a long-lasting antioxidant that detoxifies free radicals in the body.


The building blocks within broccoli

Broccoli sprouts contain Sulforaphane’s ‘building blocks’ in approximately 50 times the strength compared with that of mature broccoli. When these building blocks, Glucoraphanin and Myrosinase, come in contact with water, they immediately convert to bioactive Sulforaphane.

Not all broccoli sprout powders are created equal however. Sulforaphane is produced only when Myrosinase reacts enzymatically with the Glucoraphanin precursor. Inactive Glucoraphanin in the absence of the Myrosinase enzyme has no useful value when consumed.

The ProCell supplement has been shown by NZ Plant & Research to be at least twice as active as other leading products tested.


Why take ProCell?

Our cells are remarkable in how each contains incredibly efficient inbuilt defence and repair systems, functions that are coded within the DNA of our cells. The science of Nutrigenomics holds that food molecules affect the expression of our DNA. This expression can be beneficial or harmful to the cells, depending on the choice of food.

ProCell supports the cellular antioxidant defences within the body, it may support the activation of key enzymes in liver detoxification, and it provides many of the beneficial compounds active within broccoli. When you want to gain the goodness of vegetables in a quick, efficient and effective manner, ProCell packs in the pure and natural benefits.


Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.